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For the named vehicle repair shops appeared in Grand Theft Auto III and the following games, see Pay 'n' Spray.

A spray shop is a business which its main job is to repair and spray a vehicle into a different color. In the Grand Theft Auto series, spray shops can be used to evade the police, in addition to repairing and changing the vehicle's color and, in later GTA games, the license plate of the vehicle. There are several spray shops throughout the series but their main purpose remains the same.


Name Game Cost
Max Paynt Grand Theft Auto 2 $5,000
Michelle’s Auto Repair GTA San Andreas Free
Loco Low Co. Mod Garage GTA San Andreas $150
Pay 'n' Spray Certain GTA games From free to $100/$1,000; depends on game or mission
Spray'n'go GTA Vice City $100
TransFender Mod Garage GTA San Andreas $150
Wheel Arch Angels Mod Garage GTA San Andreas $150
Los Santos Customs Mod Garage Grand Theft Auto V Depends on vehicle and/or damage
Beeker's Garage Mod Garage Grand Theft Auto V Depends on vehicle and/or damage


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