The St. Fiacre Hospital is a medical and surgery clinic in Grand Theft Auto V. It is located on Capital Boulevard in El Burro Heights, Los Santos


The St. Fiacre Hospital is located in an industrial area and is the main medical center serving the neighborhoods of East Los Santos. It has departments of Anesthetics, Cardiology, Oncology, Rheumatology, Diagnostics, Hematology, Gum Clinic, Diabetic Clinic, General Surgery and Renal Dialysis. The hospital is located next to the El Burro Heights Fire Station.

Unlike other hospitals in the game, the St. Fiacre Hospital does not serve as a respawn point even if the player is wasted near it. Instead, the player will reappear next to the Central Los Santos Medical Center because it is a surgery ward and clinic.


Although it is not based on an actual hospital, there is a Civic Centre & Police Station located at 4305 South Santa Fe Avenue in Vernon, California which looks almost identical to it. It is also possible that the hospital is based on St. Jude Medical Hospital in Fullerton, California as both have similar names and slightly similar logos.

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  • Saint Fiacre was known as a healer and holy man in the 7th century. He is also the Patron Saint of those suffering from venereal diseases (another case of Rockstar's humor).