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Stab City, Blaine County.

Stab City is a unincorporated RV village in Blaine CountySan Andreas, in Grand Theft Auto V. The settlement consists of numerous rundown trailers with a dirt ring road passing through it, and territory of The Lost MC. It is based off the Slab City trailer park in the Salton Sea. [1]


Just off Calafia Rd, Stab City is a poverty-stricken trailer park, looking over the Alamo Sea. Within close proximity of the Grand Senora Desert, Stab City is a hot and dusty place, with coyotes roaming nearby. Inhabited by The Lost bikers, the area sports various club flags and banners, with a prominent mural on the side of an old trailer. As the main operating base for the club, The Lost MC members can be found hanging around as well as numerous parked Hexers

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  • The large mural found on the side of a trailer reads "The Lost MC Los Santos", despite being in Blaine County, miles away from the city itself.
  • The Underbelly of Paradise TV show features the area as a place of warning to the public, displaying strong gang activity. 
  • It is based on the real-life unincorporated settlement Slab City, California.

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