For the similarly named hideout in Grand Theft Auto III, see Staunton Island Safehouse (GTA III).

The Staunton Island Safehouse is a safehouse for Toni Cipriani in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.


The safehouse is found in a connected apartment unit in northern Newport, Staunton Island, next to the borders of Fort Staunton and Torrington, in the same alleyway as the Newport Multistory Car Park, Staunton's Pay 'n' Spray and 8-Ball Autos. The apartment is equipped with a garage at the lowest floor that can hold up to two cars (through an exploit, it is possible to store a maximum of four cars). Two additional parking enclosures of the connected apartments are nearby. After collecting all the cars for Love Media, a PCJ-600 and a V8 Ghost will spawn in one of these bays, while the other stores pick-ups that are awarded as the hidden package pick-ups and other milestones are accomplished.

The interior of the safehouse is very similar to the Portland safehouse, featuring the same set of rooms, including a living area (where the save point is located), a dining room/kitchen (where a health pickup is spawned) and a bedroom (where the wardrobe icon is found). However, in comparison to the Portland safehouse, it is a much more spacious and luxurior interior. As with other safehouses in GTA: Liberty City Stories, it is possible to shoot at people and vehicles from the interior windows using the sniper rifle.

The building still stands, unchanged, in Grand Theft Auto III, although it is presumed it is no longer owned by Toni Cipriani. The garage can be accessed through a glitch, but no vehicles can be saved within it as it is not openable.