Zhou: "I'd like to test you out on a score that's about to go down. You can be my new 'thrower'."
Huang: "Thrower?"
Zhou: "You'll see..."
Zhou Ming hires Huang Lee for a job

Stealing the Show is the first mission in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars given to protagonist Huang Lee by Zhou Ming.

To start this mission, the player must have 20 packs of Weed in his drug inventory to give as a gift to Zhou. Fail getting the weed to him, and the player will find a friend of his, who will be anything but welcoming to Huang, and saying No repeatedly.


Zhou Ming, who is also trying to become the next leader of the Triads, wants Huang to work for him instead of Chan, giving the reason that Chan is too stupid for Huang to work for. He shows himself as a arrogant person and wants to impress The Tongs to become the replacement for Hsin Jaoming, sp he asks for Huang's help on a job he is tryting to do.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Get in the truck
  • Drive to the gas station
  • Throw crates into the back of the truck
  • Jump off the goods vehicle
  • Get in the truck
  • Take the goods back to Zhou's club


Enter in the Bobcat with Zhou and drive over to the gas station in Cerveza Heights. Huang hops on the back of a delivery truck parked in the station. The truck drives off and Zhou chases it. The player now has to aim and throws 15 boxes off the truck to the Bobcat, before the truck reach his destination. After all boxes have been throw, Huang hops off the truck and drives Zhou back to his nightclub.


The reward for completing this mission is $150. The mission Flatliner is unlocked.

Mission Replay description

"Zhou's intent on becoming Hsin's replacement.

He doesn't want his rival, Chan, having access to someone talented like me.

Even so, I had to prove myself to the dick by stealing crates off a moving truck. Child's play."


Video Walkthroughs

Stealing the Show
GTA Chinatown Wars - Walkthrough - Mission 15 - Stealing The Show06:40

GTA Chinatown Wars - Walkthrough - Mission 15 - Stealing The Show

Stealing the Show
GTA Chinatown Wars - Replay Gold Medal - Zhou Ming - Stealing the Show02:27

GTA Chinatown Wars - Replay Gold Medal - Zhou Ming - Stealing the Show


  • Many of the cars the player go past or see while passing the crates to Zhou are bulletproof, and they all are obtainable. These include:
  • The mission features similar objectives as of the GTA San Andreas mission Catalyst, both missions require the protagonist to throw crates to a moving pickup.