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"Slug 'em and toss 'em at this classic Irish drinking spot where Darts are available for anyone who can still walk straight."
―GTA IV Manual Description

Steinway Beer Garden is located at Yorktown Avenue and Morris Street in Steinway, Dukes in Grand Theft Auto IV.


The Steinway Beer Garden is a classic Irish drinking pub based on The Bohemian Beer Garden in Astoria, Queens.

Niko can take his girlfriends on a date to the pub, or take his friends out for a game of darts or a drink. Besides a drinking venue, the player can also play a game of darts there, making it a good destination for taking Roman Bellic or Patrick McReary. Advertisements for various alcoholic beverages, in particular Blarneys Stout, adorn the garden's walls.

It is one of the two locations in Liberty City where the player can play darts; the second is in Lucky Winkles in Purgatory, Algonquin. Both bars share the same interior, including a portrait of Derrick McReary and Claude from GTA III.



GTAIV » Steinway Beer Garden00:48

GTAIV » Steinway Beer Garden


  • When taking Michelle out on a date, she will comment that Irish mobsters hang out here.

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