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[[Ammu-nation]] ([[GTA V]])
[[Ammu-nation]] ([[GTA V]])
|price = $800 per unit ([[TBoGT]])
|price = $800 per unit ([[TBoGT]])
TBA ([[GTA V]])
$280 per unit ([[GTA V]])
|image = StickyBomb-TBOGT.png|Unlocked After = [[Bang Bang]] (TBoGT)
|image = StickyBomb-TBOGT.png|Unlocked After = [[Bang Bang]] (TBoGT)

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"Tag vehicles or objects for remote detonation."
―Description from the TBoGT website

Sticky Bombs are explosives featured in The Ballad of Gay Tony and Grand Theft Auto V. They are thrown, and stick to any vehicle or surface they hit. However unlike the Satchel Charges in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, they cannot stick to people. They can then be detonated by pressing Down on the D-pad or shooting them. The Sticky Bombs are seen in the Weazel News Trailer, which is used by the Terrorism Expert. When thrown the bombs emit a steady beep and a yellow light flashes. When activated the beep rises in pitch and speed, and the light turns red, then after less than a second, they detonate. The blast radius is similar to a grenade.

If you are in a vehicle of any kind and try to hold the sticky bomb until it detonates, it will not explode even after 90 seconds has gone by. It will start to beep slowly, and after about 60 seconds the beeping will get faster, but it will still not explode. If you throw it out after holding it for a long time, it will simply reset as it is thrown out. So holding the bomb will not effect the time it takes to detonate.

You can place up to ten Sticky Bombs (two in multiplayer), throwing out the eleventh (third in multiplayer) will cause the first one to disappear.

Sticky Bombs (TBoGT)

Many players prefer this weapons in drive-by's, due to the fact that they deal a large amount of damage, can stick to any vehicle, and can be detonated at any time (which allows them to be used somewhat like landmines). However, the player must be careful to ensure that their own car doesn't get caught in the blast radius, if used these against a vehicle in close proximity. Another factor to take in mind is how fragile they are. As mentioned above, shooting them will cause them to explode. However, they can be detonated via physical contact. If it is placed onto a vertical surface and rammed by a car, it will detonate. One must take care when using them in a drive-by that that car that the bomb is stuck on doesn't attempt to ram the player, as the impact may cause the bomb to explode.

Players must also be careful when in close proximity of a placed bomb, as they have a (approximately) 90 second fuse. Thus, if an armed bomb is left undetonated for 90 seconds, it will automatically detonate.


They are given to the player in the mission Bang Bang.

They are also available from Armando's Gun Van after completion of the same mission and can be found in Luis' safehouse after completing 40 Drug Wars and Bang Bang.

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