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Stingers is the name of a heist setup in Grand Theft Auto V. The setup is triggered by a text message from Lester just after the heist-planning meeting together with Gauntlet if the player choses the subtle approach for the The Big Score heist.


This setup is triggered after choosing the Subtle approach for the The Big Score heist.

Just after leaving the strip club, Lester will send a message to each one of the protagonists that he knows about a van equipped with stingers that the crew will need for the heist. The protagonist needs to jump over the wall and ,stealthily, knock out the guard patrolling the van. Then, the protagonist needs to deliver the van to the hiding place under the Olympic Freeway behind the strip club.

Mission Objectives

  • Steal the police van.
  • Take the police van to the hiding place.
  • Leave the police van.

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Escapee - Steal the Police Transporter and escape within 02:00.
    • Use the LS River and escape the sewage tunnel in Mirror Park if needed.
  • Not a Scratch - Deliver the Police Transporter with no damage.
    • Avoid crashes when losing the police.


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