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Stoner Cement Works on Joshua Road.

Stoner Cement Works is a company producing cement in at least 2 locations in Blaine County. According to signage, the company was established in 1952

Harmony Industrial Plant

An industrial plant can be found on Joshua Road in Harmony. Several shipping containers are stored inside the plant, along with Brute trailers carrying wooden crates and cardboard boxes.

Mission Appearances


GTA Online

Senora Road Storage Facility

Locations GTAV StonerCementWorks SenoraRoad

What appears to be a storage/bagging facility with several large silos and a factory/warehouse can be found on Senora Road north of La Fuente Blanca. Pallets of bagged cement can be seen around the building.

Mission Appearances


GTA Online


  • "Stoner" is a term used to describe someone who regularly uses marijuana.

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