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For the street, see Strawberry Avenue

Strawberry seen from La Puerta Freeway.

Strawberry is a mixed commercial and residential neighbourhood in South Los SantosSan Andreas in Grand Theft Auto V. It is bordered by Davis to the south, the neighborhoods of Chamberlain Hills to the southwest and Rancho to the southeast. Pillbox Hill is to the northwest and Mission Row is to the northeast.


The neighborhood is a lower-class industrial and partly lower-class residential. Southern Strawberry, and especially Forum Drive and Strawberry Avenue are known for their high crime rate and gang violence between the Ballas and the Families. The northern part of the neighborhood is less run-down because of its proximity to Downtown Los Santos. It was first referenced in a still advertising Los Santos Customs as the hometown of Robert in a testimonial. The neighborhood has few residences, being one of the poorest populated areas in the city.

The population is mostly African-American.

Events of GTA V

Strawberry is the neighborhood that the player is first introduced to as Franklin, as his Aunt's house is located in the area, various missions during the beginning of the game are started in Strawberry.


The neighborhood is based on the  Inglewood district in South Central Los Angeles

Gang control

Strawberry is controlled by The Families.

Notable Residents


The Los Santos Transit has a stop below the Olympic FreewayLa Puerta Freeway and Olympic Freeway both have highway exits going to Strawberry. 

Places of Interest

Roads and Streets



Health Packs

Spaceship Parts

  • In the same homeless camp, behind some debris and near a staircase
  • On the rooftop of the Central Los Santos Hospital, near the helipads

Stunt jumps



  • Strawberry may be named after Darryl Strawberry, a baseball player from Crenshaw, which is one of the location's Strawberry is based on.
  • The CNT TV show The Underbelly Of Paradise incorrectly states Strawberry as a Ballas gang territory.
  • Near the Vanilla Unicorn parking lot, Vagos graffiti can be seen. Even though, Vagos are not scripted to spawn in Strawberry.

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