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For the street sweeping vehicle in GTA San Andreas, see Sweeper. For street sweepers seen on the streets in GTA IV, see Liberty Sanitation Department.

Street Sweeper is a mission for Manny Escuela in Grand Theft Auto IV. Manny wants the streets "cleaned" and sends you to hit some thugs in a garage. The mission introduces drive-by shooting to the player.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Go to Windmill Street.
  • Clean out the gang members.
  • They are trying to escape in a car, don't let them get away.



Head over to the nearby car repair shop on Windmill St. Stay in your vehicle, because some of the gang members will try to escape in a car. Chase the car and ignore the gang members in the garage for now. Shoot the driver quickly, put it in flames as fast as you can because if the car gets out of range of the car shop, the mission will fail. Once the gang members in the car are dead, head back to the garage and finish the gang members inside. The cops will probably be on you by now, so be careful when you head back to the garage; the cops and gang members in the garage will both be shooting at you. But, if you're lucky, the gang members shooting at you will attract the cops' attention and the police will start firing at them. Whatever happens, when everyone is dead, the mission is passed.

To finish the mission quickly, it is essential to avoid the car chase. There are several ways to go about this; if you have a hand grenade, you can kill most, if not all, of the targets almost instantly by simply throwing it near the car. If you have a Micro-SMG, you can perform a drive-by on the driver of the Primo through the windshield. Another option is simply blocking the escaping car's way with your vehicle (this is much less dangerous if you are in possession of a vehicle like the Fire Truck or Trashmaster, which will protect you from gunfire). Another way is to take cover behind a railway pillar by the corner of the street, which gives you a good vantage point to manually aim for the driver with any weapon.

Video Walkthrough


Niko will call Manny Escuela, asking for his money, in which Manny will comply.

Mallorie Bardas will call Niko, saying that Elizabeta Torres has work for him (Luck of the Irish).


  • $1000
  • Drive-by shooting


  • If the player approaches the gang members in a car, but you don't have any weapons, you will receive a free pistol with 20 bullets.
  • This is the first appearance of Francis McReary.
  • Shortly after completing this mission, Mallorie will call Niko to say that Elizabeta Torres has work for him. Her apartment in South Bohan will appear on the map.

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