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The Streetfighter is a type of motorcycle in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


The Streetfighter is very easy to handle, thus it is a great beginner bike, due to its good speed and handling. The Streetfighter used at the beginning of the game, when Jerry Martinez tells Victor Vance to go to the airport , where a person is waiting for him.

The bike can be seen driving around Vice City and can also be found at Fort Baxter Air Base (until the base cannot be accessed after Victor is dishonorably discharged from the army in "Conduct Unbecoming").


  • Beside Martinez's barracks, with an army green color (not available after "Conduct Unbecoming").
  • Lying beside a house south of the Cholo's wrecked warehouse in Little Haiti.
  • On the west wall near King Knuts in Downtown.
  • In Little Havana, near the Libre Havana Logo and just parked in Carioca.
  • Next to a cafe at the north of Ocean Beach.


  • The name of this bike is a reference to the streetfighter style of motorcycle common in urban areas. A streetfighter is a sportbike stripped of its fairings, often with an aftermarket headlight. They are commonly used for stunting and are an example of a naked bike.
  • In the PSP version of the game, the pitch sound of the Streetfighter is lower than the PS2 version. It is very noticeable.
  • Chronologically this is the first vehicle driven in the GTA III Era.
  • It looks very similar to another motorcycle from the HD Era the Vader.

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