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For the vehicle, see Stretch. For the DJ of Game FM in GTA III, see Stretch Armstrong

"This ain't new age shit, it's fact. You get what you give, fool."
― Stretch

Harold "Stretch" Joseph is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, appearing as a supporting character and one of the two secondary antagonists in Grand Theft Auto V.

Stretch is a high ranking member of the Chamberlain Gangsters Families and a friend of Lamar Davis.



Harold Joseph joined the Chamberlain Gangsters Families, eventually becoming a respected "OG", a high-ranking, veteran member of the gang, as well as gaining the nickname "Stretch". He became good friends with Lamar Davis, but he developed a strong dislike for Franklin Clinton.

At some point prior to 2013, Stretch was arrested and taken to prison for an unknown crime.

Events of GTA V

Near the beginning of the game, he departs from prison for crimes that are never revealed, and Lamar plans a sort of reunion for himself, Stretch and Franklin. The trio heads towards a deal with D, which turns out to be an ambush by the Ballas, as revenge for D being kidnapped by Lamar earlier, but the trio manage to escape, with Stretch killing D in the process.

He is slowly revealed to be an associate of the Ballas, and has attempted to have both Lamar and Franklin killed during several set ups, including the kidnapping of Lamar by the Ballas, although all attempts were foiled by Franklin and his friends, Michael De Santa and Trevor Philips.

By the end of the game, Franklin is given a choice to either kill Michael and Trevor, or side with them as they kill their enemies, including Stretch. Should the player choose to kill Michael or Trevor, Lamar gives Franklin a call after it is over and lets Franklin know that he has taken his advice on staying away from Stretch. If Franklin chooses to kill off the antagonists, Michael will agree to assassinate Stretch due to his lack of any provable association with Stretch. Stretch will be hanging out with a group of Ballas at the B.J. Recreation Center where he is confronted and killed by Michael.

Murders Committed



For some reason, he shows a very strong mutual dislike towards Franklin Clinton and the two frequently argue, leaving Lamar to pick a side. The reason for Franklin's dislike of Stretch could be due to Stretch trying to pull Franklin into the life that put him in jail in the first place, and also due to Stretch's reckless and unintelligent personality. He appears to have a very short temper, assaulting Franklin for poking fun at him for "dropping the soap" in prison, and immediately shooting D in the face when discovering that he had betrayed them.


Stretch is a short, bulky man with numerous tattoos covering his body. He wears usual CGF clothes including a white T-shirt, baggy jeans, a green hat and a silver chain.

Mission appearances



  • It is possible to knock Stretch's cap off.
  • Despite the hostility shown towards Stretch, it seems like Franklin still wanted to invite him in Forum Drive set, although he may of just brought it up to shut Lamar up.
  • On Lifeinvader, Stretch is called a "busta" by Lamar. This could be a reference to Ryder from GTA San Andreas.
  • The only weapon Stretch is seen using is the regular pistol, making him somewhat useless in the gun fight with the Ballas.



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