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The Stuntplane is a fixed-wing aircraft in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto V.


GTA San Andreas

The Stuntplane, as its namesake suggests, is a highly maneuverable plane made exclusively for stunts due its very responsive handling and ability to take sharp turns with ease. It's appearance draws inspiration from the Pitt's Special S-1.

Pressing the action/sub-missions button will activate a trail of red smoke, (regardless of the plane's actual color) coming out the back of the plane.

Grand Theft Auto V

The Stuntplane returns in Grand Theft Auto V, this time inspired on the Extra EA-300. Like it's predecessor, it seems to be a fast and agile aircraft, the Collectors Edition and Special Edition of the game appears to include a checkpoint race side-mission for this plane.


The Stuntplane has a remarkably fast take-off time, likely thanks to its light weight, and has a moderate amount of speed while in the air.

The plane's most notable feature is its incredible maneuvering capabilities which allow players to easily execute barrel rolls and loop-the-loops/inside loops (both of which are featured in Flying School trials). However, the very sensitive controls make the Stuntplane's handling tricky and easy to overcorrect, especially if damaged or while flying in high winds. This is especially true during the long Barnstorming race, where the coronas are placed at low altitudes, necessitating careful flying and patience.



GTA San Andreas

The Stuntplane is available exclusively at Verdant Meadows in Bone County when all medals won in Flying School are at least silver and above. The only other ways to obtain it is through in-game cheats or by starting the flying race "Barnstorming" and storing it in the Verdant Meadows hangar, then intentionally failing the race.

Grand Theft Auto V

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