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#redirect [[Submersible]]
{{Template:Infobox vehicles
|name = Submarine
|front_image = SeaVehicle-GTAV.jpg
|image_size = 250
|caption = A front and side view of the new submarine, partially submerged
|vehicle_type = Civilian sub-aquatic vehicle
|body_style = Submarine
|appearances = [[Grand Theft Auto V]]}}The '''Submarine''' is a sub-aquatic vehicle making its debut appearance in [[GTA V|Grand Theft Auto V]].
This submarine features a special bubble, at the front of its cabin. Outside, its body it features tube metal caging, where at the front, two lights are mounted.
Underwater.v.jpg|Another image of the new submarine
13141905.jpg|Submarine sitting in the docks of [[Los Santos]].
*A submarine is a watercraft capable of independent operation underwater. It differs from a [ submersible], which has more limited underwater capability. The term submarine most commonly refers to a large crewed autonomous vessel. However, historically or colloquially, submarine can also refer to medium-sized or smaller vessels ([ midget submarines], [ wet subs]), [ remotely operated vehicle,] or [ autonomous underwater vehicles].
[[Category:Vehicles in GTA V]]
[[Category:Water Transport]]

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