Sue Murry is a character in Grand Theft Auto V.


Sue is a candidate for Governor of San Andreas. She is a divorced former school teacher with liberal political ideologies and "knows what Conservatives want". Her main opponent in the gubernatorial elections is Jock Cranley, a former Vinewood stuntman turned politician.

She has commercials on TV advertising her campaign, and a website at Sue's campaign video states that she will raise the taxes to 74% and make a major investment in public radio.

The Campaign's Changes

  • Raise income tax on the wealthiest to 82.5 percent including myself.
  • Impose a maximum wage on bankers and CEOs, including my ex-husband.
  • Ban plastic water bottles, shopping bags, disposable diapers, non-recyclable prophylactics and take out containers.
  • Reach out to liberal celebrities to get them involved in politics and / or swinging parties.
  • Children are our future and half of them are in prison. Let's close the prisons for good.
  • Ban the sale of gasoline and the use of gasoline-powered cars.
  • Criminalize all firearms and replace knives with sporks.
  • Make every workplace an equal playing field - no bosses. Let the group decide.
  • Stop single women from being excluded from car key parties.
  • Replace all toilets with composting commodes.
  • Ban public prayer and military recruitment propaganda.
  • Free all nonviolent offenders from prison, except white collar criminals.
  • Make the sale and use of tobacco a criminal offense.



  • Like Jock, Sue is an extreme parody of American politicians, particularly Democrats, which probably makes her a parody of Hillary Clinton. Sue advocates for feminism, high taxes, banning of plastic and petrol, gun control, and closing prisons.
  • Her name, Sue Murry, is very similar to the term 'Mary Sue', a term meant for female characters in media who don't go through any real struggle or development as characters but still manage to come out on top.
  • In real life, many prominent female politicians in California had been schoolteachers prior to politics. US Congresswomen Diane Watson and Maxine Waters specifically taught at public Los Angeles elementary schools.
  • Like Murry, California's US Senator Dianne Feinstein is a divorcee who once married a wealthy banker (though Feinstein remains married to Richard C. Blum) and ran for Governor of their state.