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Sum Yung Gai is a Chinese restaurant on the corner of Inchon Avenue and Huntington Street in Cerveza Heights, Dukes, Liberty City. Huang Lee's uncle Wu "Kenny" Lee does his business here, and the player's first missions from him are received here. The restaurant is unique for having a giant bowl sculpture on its roof with a body armor pickup inside it. The restaurant is a destination for Taxi Driver in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. The business name appears on some Pony vans. The name is a play on the lewd joke, "I'll have the cream of Sum Yung Gai", and also sounds simply like "Some young guy". The "cream" on the other hand refers to semen. The name 'Sum Yung Gai' is believed to be a poorly translated Cantonese for 'Three Cup Chicken' (三Sam 杯Bui 雞Gai) which became 'Three Drink Chicken' (三Sam 飲Yum 雞Gai). The poor translation is likely done with intention so as to add a sense of humour for the particular emerging parody in order to make more sense.

A sticker of the Restaurants' logo was included with other stickers of Huang, Ling, the Burger Shot logo and the Rockstar Games logo if Chinatown Wars was pre-ordered (Australia and New Zealand).

Sum Yung Gai's building design is based off the real-life Chao Zhou Restaurant at 40-52 Main Street, in Flushing, Queens, which is most notable for its signature red bowl and chopstick sculpture on its roof; the restaurant is based in the first floor, while the second floor is occupied by a karaoke "KTV MONSTER" lounge (The "MEN STORE" sign on the building in-game is derivative of the "MONSTER" sign of the real-life karaoke lounge).


  • As its name implies, Sum Yung Gai is a phonym of 'Some Young Guy' or 'Some Young Gay'.
  • The chopsticks and bowl sculpture on the Chao Zhou Restaurant is considered smaller than the sculpture on the Sum Yung Gai.
  • If maneuvered correctly with a vehicle on the subway track you can get a car into the bowl without it falling out.
  • There is a Body Armor pickup inside the bowl in GTA IV.
  • There is a Sum Yung Gai minigame in the Rockstar Games Social Club called Peking Duck Hunt .
  • Can be a cameo of the film Waynes World when he referenced the 'Chinese' dish called Cream of Sum Yung Gai.
  • If you look carefully at the picture symbol, the picture-gram looks a lot like either a breast lactating milk or a penis ejaculating. Fits perfectly with Rockstar's humor.
  • The Peking Duck Hunt mini-game is a reference to two things. The first is Peking Duck, a local delicacy of Beijing China in which a fattened duck is roasted, cut and sliced up, and usually eaten by rolling it in a flour pancake and smothered with spring onions and a sweetened sauce ala a burrito. The second is the game Duck Hunt, the original light gun game from Nintendo.
  • In the GTA-like video game Saint's Row 2, there is a fast food chain called Phuc Mi Phuc Yue which sells "Sum Yung Guy" as well as "Sum Old Guy" as food items, although it is suggested this refers to cannibalism rather than sexual reference.



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