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The Wordman in GTA III.

The Sumo Wordman is a pager in Grand Theft Auto III that Claude uses to receive certain missions and messages.

The name "Sumo Wordman" itself was most likely based on Sony Walkman devices, although Sony/Sony Ericsson do not produce pagers.


  • The Sumo Wordman will leave a message every time when the player collects 10 per 10 Hidden Packages.
  • The Sumo Wordman was meant to appear in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, but cut during development. This is evidenced in the audio files and it is probably replaced by the Mobile Phone, probably a leftover from GTA III.
  • During the game storyline, the Sumo Wordman will warn Claude about the Import/Export.
  • The Sumo Wordman tells Claude when the Phone-missions for the minority gangs are available.
  • During the mission Last Requests, Maria sends Claude a message telling about Salvatore's trap and meeting her at the Callahan Point.
  • After Claude drops Ray in the airport during the mission Marked Man, Ray sends Claude a message, giving him a lot of ammo and a bullet-proof Patriot in a garage in Newport.
  • After completing 100 fares on the Taxi Driver side-mission, Borgnine Taxis will message Claude for the availability of its taxi.