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Sunnyside Taxis

Sunnyside Taxis advert on a bench, GTA San Andreas.

Sunnyside Taxis is a taxi firm that is appears in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Adverts for the company can be found on benches in both Vice City and the State of San Andreas. The firm's telephone number remains the same: 555 9669. The number is another one of the many references to the "69" sexual position made throughout the game.



  • In Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, attempting to climb on one of these benches can cause you to immediately die.
  • In the GTA San Andreas beta, there was originally going to be a district in San Fierro called Sunnyside. This can be evidenced by police radio chatter when the player is in the area. The Sunnyside Taxis headquarters might have been originally located in Sunnyside in the beta.

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