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The '''Sunrise''' is a vehicle that is only available in [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]].
The [[Imponte]] '''Sunrise''' is a vehicle that is only available in [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]].

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For the district in the Grand Theft Auto 1 rendition of San Andreas, see Sunrise (GTA 1).

The Imponte Sunrise is a vehicle that is only available in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.



It is one of only two sedans that can arguably be used for both street racing and police evasion, the other being the Sultan. The Sunrise looks slightly similar to a First Generation Chevrolet Lumina with a custom bodykit and with rear fascia resembling 1996-2000 Japanese and Indonesian Toyota Corolla. Despite the fact that the Sunrise has quite sporty appearance as it features a custom bodykit, it cannot be modified in Wheel Arch Angels, but in TransFender instead. The name 'Sunrise' could be a reference to the country of origin of the Honda Accord/Toyota Corolla upon which it is based - Japan - known as the 'land of the Rising Sun'.


While speed is extraordinary, acceleration is slightly disappointing, likely due to the front-wheel drive train being poorly matched with the presumably throaty V6 engine. However, handling is taut, and the brakes are strong. The Sunrise reaches very high speeds.

The drawback with this car, however, is that due to its lower-than-average curb weight, the very high speeds it is capable of reaching can send it out of control even at the slightest perturbation. It isn't really a low suspension, but it's its awkwardly located wheel wells (a bit too high) that prevent this car from being used on uneven roads, hills, and trails.


  • When entered, the default radio station in the Sunrise is CSR 103.9.
  • Some people favor this car because of its sporty appearance (which can be further customized at TransFender), its high performance, its 4-person capacity and its commonness.
  • The GTA IV Hakumai is the replacement for the Sunrise.


The Sunrise is very frequently seen driven around in San Fierro and Las Venturas, though it is less common in Los Santos, it may be frequently found in Downtown Los Santos.

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