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Super Grass Rescue!

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Super Grass Rescue! is a mission given to Claude Speed by Russian Mafia leader Jerkov. It`s given from the Industrial District of Anywhere City.


  • Save Jerkov`s gangsters from Zaibatsu.
  • Deliver them to Uncle Vanka to interpret the information.
  • Steal Police Car and Uniform.
  • Find and catch the Informer (do not kill him).
  • Deliver him to Jerkov`s son.


First, you need to save the gangsters. They are being held in the Escobar Power Cores. Usually there are many members of Zaibatsu here, but now there will be only 8 guards. The gangsters are being held in one of the Cores and it is locked. You must destroy 4 generators to open it, each guarded by 2 guards. After their destruction, go to the core where the gangsters is. There is 4 of them, all unarmed. But the gates is now locked, and you must kill 3 assassins to open them. After that, go to the Russian territory and find Uncle Vanka. He will interpret the information. Some guy have some dirty information on Jerkov`s wife and wants to tell it to the cops. The informer will be somewhere in the city. You need a Police car and uniform. Find it and go after the informer. Use the siren. He will leave his car and escape. Find him. Do not kill him! Now deliver him to the docks and enjoy the show. You will get $80.000 after this.

Video Walkthrough

Grand Theft Auto 2 Job 65 - Super Grass Rescue!10:23

Grand Theft Auto 2 Job 65 - Super Grass Rescue!

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