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Supplies are a series of Gunrunning missions featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Gunrunning update.


"Welcome to SecuroServ's real-time database of vulnerable high-end vehicles across San Andreas. Hit the 'Source Vehicle' button to instantly pinpoint the location of your next golden opportunity."

Supplies are required to keep the arms manufacturing process within the Bunker running. When supplies are obtained, staff will begin to strip down the supplies obtained, and create new weapons and projects which will then be sold on. Supplies can also be used as research; research allows the player to modify new weaponized vehicles added with the Gunrunning update, such as new weaponry, exclusive liveries and bodywork modifications for these vehicles.

Completing resupply missions is required to start Mobile Operations, assuming the player owns a Mobile Operations Center, in a similar manner to Vehicle Cargo does to Special Vehicle Work. There is no way to check how many resupplies have been made, although a percentile rate of success is displayed on the Disruption Logistics computer.

When supplies are brought into the bunker, the level of supplies indicated at the bottom right of the HUD will go up. When the supplies level is full, it can take up to 2 hours for all supplies to be used, and even less time if further upgrades to the Bunker are made.

Supply missions, along with everything else Gunrunning-related, can be carried out and collected as either a Motorcycle Club member/president, or as a Organization associate/CEO.

Buy Supplies

Buying supplies is a simple way of obtaining supplies. Buying supplies isn't exactly a mission, and only requires the player to click a button on the web page. When buying supplies, the player doesn't need to go out to any location, just simply needs to wait around 10 minutes before the stock are delivered. Buying supplies varies in price, but is never free of charge. Prices of purchase can vary between $15,000 and $90,000. Buying supplies will, in most circumstances, result in much less profit.

Steal Supplies

The other way of obtaining resupplies can be by stealing them. Stealing supplies is free of charge, but often requires lengthy drives and carefulness upon delivering. Supplies can be stolen in the Resupply menu of Disruption Logistics. Once selected, the player will immediately spawn outside the bunker with their active personal vehicle nearby. Agent 14 will regularly call the player informing them on the situation. Once the phonecall has been initiated, a GPS marker indicating the primary location will be marked on the map. Resupply missions can often be as far as 8 miles away, depending on the bunker location, but the first mission will always be relatively easy

The first mission will consist of the player going to Cypress Flats and stealing a parked Duneloader loaded with ammunition supplies. The player can choose to drive the vehicle back, which can take up to 6 minutes depending on the route chosen and the bunker's location, or alternatively use a Cargobob to transport it back. Enemies can sometimes spawn in pairs along the journey back, similar to Vehicle Cargo missions, every once in a while.

Stealing supplies is free of charge, like Vehicle Cargo. The player will always be given 30 minutes to obtain the supplies and bringing them back. In most circumstances, the player can die as many times as they want, but must note that dying may jeopardize the mission, especially on long journeys back, or during a shootout. There are circumstances where dying will cause the mission to be failed, such as the use of the Railgun, where the player's death will result in the supplies being destroyed, and thus the mission failing.

Unlike Vehicle Cargo or Special Cargo supply missions, Gunrunning Supplies have no cooldown timer after delivery, although the player cannot start another resupply mission if the supply levels are at the maximum.

Completing a certain amount of steal supply missions will unlock Mobile Operations, missions launched from the Mobile Operations Center. Even if the player does not own a MOC, steal supply missions will unlock the corresponding missions if a MOC is bought.

Steal Supplies Mission Types

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Cargo Ship

"Our readings indicate a large stockpile of weapons on a cargo ship on Elysian Island.

You're welcome to keep any supplies you find on the boat on your GPS."

―Agent 14


"So, some supplies get handed to you on a plate, others in private military convoy. That's life.

The supplies we're after are being moved by a Merryweather convoy. Stop the convoy, get the supplies, drop them at the bunker.
Stop the convoy and get the supplies back to the bunker.
You at the point? Convoy's incoming. "

— Agent 14

Helicopter Packages

"Bring down the transport before they fly out of the state and you can salvage the hardware.

We've allocated a Technical Aqua for your use.
Take our Technical Aqua and bring down those transport helos. Then it's a salvage job."

―Agent 14


"You've got the greenlight to resupply with some railguns they've got at Humane Labs.

We might have to work alongside Merryweather, but we don't want them packing railguns. "

— Agent 14

Rhino Tank

"Your lab team's crying out to break down a tank for parts, so you're gonna deliver for them.

You know what the techs in the lab are really itching to break down? A tank.
Can you drive a tank? I hope so, 'cause that's how these supplies are coming."

―Agent 14

Truck Packages

"When I hear arms are moving around the state at the behest of hostile governments, it just... it upsets me, ok? You're going to get in a buggy, bring down these shipments, and collect cargo."
―Agent 14

Some supplies may be in the back of trucks. This scenario is similar to the helicopter package scenario, although this mission takes place on ground. 5 trucks are located around the state and only one has the supplies on-board.

Rival Competition

This resupply mission will require the player to take out a rival organisation and all their product before the location of the supplies are revealed.

Technical Custom

"Okay, the supplies are a vehicle, well a vehicle with a minigun bolted to the back.

The lab thinks there's some milage in breaking down a Technical pickup with a minigun on the back.
You seen those Technical pickup trucks with miniguns in their beds? You're after some of those today.
We're looking to resupply with Technical pickup trucks complete with miniguns, the Lost are holding at their facility."


Youga Classic

"Somebody hasn't been servicing their vehicle. At least the supplies are good. Get them back to the bunker and we're done."
Agent 14.