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This article or section refers to "enhanced version" content in the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC renditions of Grand Theft Auto V and/or Grand Theft Auto Online, that is absent on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 versions.
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There are multiple different ways of delivering stock created by Supplies in the Gunrunning business in Grand Theft Auto Online.


Once the player has created stock from gathered supplies, they are able to export it to buyers. The sell missions work very similar to Motorcycle Club's Business sell missions, while the structure is essentially the same as Special Cargo sell missions. The missions vary in structure, however they all involve dropping and delivering packages across Blaine County and/or Los Santos. In all but one scenarios, the player is given 15 minutes to deliver all stock. 30 minutes are given in the exception.

The difficulty and length of the mission is dependent on the amount of supplies sold. If the player sells under $100,000 (base selling amount) worth of stock, they will be able to complete the mission on their own, while if they sell more, more players will be required, similar to other organisation selling missions.

The player is able to sell stock two either Blaine County or Los Santos - as Los Santos is further away, the amount of money made is 50% higher than that of the base (Blaine County) amount, for example, $100,000 worth of stock will sell for $150,000 in Los Santos, although the mission may take slightly longer, especially if more than $100,000 worth of stock is sold, or if multiple drops are required.

The amount of money made depends on the amount of stock created. Cash will still be rewarded if some, but not all, stock is delivered, and additional bonuses apply if all stock is delivered in busy GTA Online sessions.

Sell Missions

Phantom Wedge

The stock for delivery may be transferred into a semi-trailer attached to a Phantom Wedge. Once the player exits the Bunker, the truck will be located just outside, ready for delivery.

While the mission has no initial threats, after traveling a short amount of distance away from the bunker, the player will be given a 3-star wanted level, and police will quickly begin to give chase. This wanted level cannot be removed and the driver of the truck must use its ability wisely. The Phantom Wedge is much stronger than regular gameplay, being immune to at least 2 explosions, giving the player a slight advantage against tailing enemies, however, it is not immune to collisions, and once the engine begins to break down and smoke, the driver will be given a reminder on how to detach the trailer in case the truck is destroyed completely.

The mission is not fixed to the Phantom Wedge and the player is able to use a different truck if preferred, even a MOC's cab. They are also able to use the Cargobob to transport the trailer, and it will not despawn unless time runs out. Using a Cargobob, if owned, is heavily recommended if the truck is destroyed, as the need to find another semi-trailer may waste time.

Upon dropping off at the location, a cutscene showing a Cargobob landing and collecting the trailer from the truck will be shown. An alternative version of the cutscene without the attached semi-truck plays if the trailer is delivered without the truck attached.

The CEO/MC President and all Associates/Prospects are rewarded with the full-sale price after the mission.

This mission is typically given when low levels of stock are sold, and usually doesn't require the assistance of another player.


Stock will be held by weapon-less Insurgents, from one to three of them depending on the amount of product. The insurgents come equipped with a signal jammer, which will keep NPC's from showing up and disrupt the global signal from other players, as long as the insugents given stick together on a close radius. No matter how many insurgents, the area for the signal jammer to work seems to be the same, increasing difficulty for more vehicles in one sale. Once the vehicles are left in the last point, all players must leave the area for the sale to finish.

Insurgent Pick-Ups

Up to three Insurgent Pick-Ups will be provided to deliver weaponry to five points, where each will be attacked by Merryweather troops with Sanchez bikes, Mesas, other Insurgent Pick-Ups, and in late drop-off points, Buzzards. Each of the Insurgent Pick-Up sale vehicles must make it to the drop-off point given and each Merryweather unit eliminated, or the next point won't be given. Global Signal jammers are provided at each point, as long as none of the sale Pick-Ups leave. Once the vehicles are left in the last point, all players must leave the area for the sale to finish. There is a quite easy version of this mission, where up to three (Or four, not certain) Insurgents must be delivered to one point, without any disturbances, or having to leave the area.