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''You may be looking for the [[Serrano]], a vehicle with a similar name.''{{Template:Unreleased}}{{Template:Infobox vehicles
''You may be looking for the [[Serrano]], a vehicle with a similar name.''{{Template:Unreleased}}{{Template:Infobox vehicles
|name = Surano
|front_image = Surano (Front&Side)-GTAV.png
|front_image = VonCrastenburg-GTAV.jpg
|image_size = 270
|image_size = 275
|caption = A front and side view of the car
|caption = A front and side view of the car
|vehicle_type = Civilian car
|vehicle_type = Civilian car

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You may be looking for the Serrano, a vehicle with a similar name.

 The Benefactor Surano is a European grand tourer making its debut appearance in GTA V.


The car's design is clearly influenced by German styling featured on the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG, featuring a similar front face and side profile. There are also elements of Jaguar F-Type for the front face styling and less so, the Maserati GranTurismo S, for the front quarter ducts.

The front face of the car features a bumper with a CFRP insert, spanning the central two-thirds of the car's width. Above this, the most dominat feature of the car's front face is large central grille. The grille features chrome trim around the edges and a thick, chrome horizontal strip at mid-height. At the front of the two elevated areas of the bonnet/ hood there are headlamp units that have LED strips as a countour to the outer edge and then a single circular lamp inset. The manufacturer emblem is mounted centrally between the two circular lamps.

The sides of the car are fairly simple; the wheelbase features side skirts that form a peak at the rear wheel arch. The front quarter are features and impressed section, upon which there are three chrome quadrilateral-shaped ducts which have a horizontal chrome strip running through them at half their height. The main body line is fully staright and is level with the face of the wheel arch bulges. The door handles are mounted to rear of the door, suggesting that they are conventional as opposed to the gull-wing doors featured on the SLS. Apart from the A pillars the car's roof appears to be black, suggesting that it is a roadster. The wing mirrors are half polymer and half body-coloured metal, placed just behind the base of the A pillars. The car runs on split six-spoke wheels, wrapped in low profile tyres.



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