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{{Template:Infobox vehicles
{{Template:Infobox vehicles
|front_image =
|front_image = BF Surfer Beater Front.jpg
|rear_image = BF Surfer Beater Rear.jpg
|image_size = 250
|image_size = 250
|vehicle_type = Civilian van
|vehicle_type = Civilian van

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The BF Surfer is a vintage van that appears in Grand Theft Auto V.


The van's design is heavily inspired by the styling of the VW type 2 Sambabus.




  • The Surfer will likely be the hippie van of GTA V.
  • Bürgerfahrzeug can be read at the back of the vehicle. It could be translated as citizens' vehicle, parodying Volkswagen, the people's car.
  • It is impossible to do a burnout with the Surfer, most likely due to the highly-underpowered engine.

See Also

Camper, a similar looking vehicle.

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