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The BF Surfer is a vintage van that appears in Grand Theft Auto V.


The van's design is heavily inspired by the styling of the VW Type 2 Bay Window and Splitscreen vans. The front section (front end and front doors) resembles the VW T2 Splitscreen van, the second section (sliding doors) resembles the VW T2 Bay Window van, the third section (square window and flat metal behind) resembles the VW T2 Splitscreen (excluding the runners for the sliding doors) and the fourth section (rear end) resembles the VW T2 Bay Window van.


Much like it's real life counterpart, the surfer is very slow due to it's small 1200cc 4-cylinder engine, however, acceleration is not that bad, and handling is average, but overall, it is relatively slow as it hinders its use as a means of escaping the cops.



GTA Online

  • For some odd reason only the rustic version spawns driving around in free-roam GTA Online. The normal well-kept Surfer can be found on various beaches, usually with a parked Rebel next to it.
  • The clean version both with and without a surfboard can be found on Mount Chiliad's beach from 12:00-18:00 daily.



  • Bürgerfahrzeug can be read at the back of the vehicle. It could be translated as citizens' vehicle, parodying Volkswagen, the people's car.
  • It is impossible to do a burnout with the Surfer, most likely due to the highly-underpowered engine.
  • In GTA V, this vehicle can be customized in Los Santos Customs, albeit having limited options for the Surfer.
  • When damaged enough, the sliding doors open outwards like normal doors.
  • Unlike it's real life counterpart, the Surfer has 4 doors instead of 3 (some VW T2 vans came out of the factory with two sliding doors), but, strangely, it can fit only two. If the player tries to get 2 other players in the vehicle, one of them will not enter the van.

See Also

  • Camper, a similar looking vehicle.

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