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For the Grand Theft Auto IV mission, see Street Sweeper.
For the weapon dubbed "Street Sweeper" in The Lost and Damned, see Assault Shotgun.

The Sweeper is, as implied, a street sweeper featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The Sweeper is designed as a compact, single-seat street sweeper presumably for the purpose of cleaning inner city roadways. The Sweeper is a small vehicle with two unusable street cleaners on the front and has what appear to be strobe lights on the top of the cab, similar to police cars, ambulances and fire trucks, but they cannot be used when the horn button is pressed, like with those other vehicles.

The Sweeper is one of the three vehicles bearing the logo of San Andreas' sanitation company "Sanitary Andreas", the other two being the Utility Van and the Trashmaster.


The Sweeper is the second slowest vehicle in the game, the Mower being the slowest, possessing very poor speed and acceleration due to its small propane engine, as well as fairing badly in cornering due to its light body, oversensitive steering and a high center of gravity that makes rollovers more frequent on the Sweeper.

While found parked in certain locations, the Sweeper is not actually seen on the streets performing its duties, nor does it have special functions such as the ability to clean streets.



  • The Sweeper plays the radio station Playback FM by default when entered.
  • On the rear end of the Sweeper, there is a misplaced "Sanitary Andreas" logo, located under the right tailight.


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