Carl Johnson searches Sweet's House for Sweet Johnson
CJ Sweet, Smoke? Shit, where all the homies at? Fuck they at? Damn. Fuck it. *Gets outside and phone rings* Eh?
Sweet Carl no time to chit chat! Been seeing a Seville Families bia. Word got out on the street and the boys don't like it. I'm pinned down in Seville hood, and we need a ride out of here, pronto!
CJ Oh, for sure man! Hang in there!
Sweet Drive by Emmet's and get heated.
CJ drives to the Seville hood to save Sweet. He clears out all of the gang members.
Sweet That's my brother! Get a car and we'll meet you out front.
CJ finds four-door car and picks up Sweet and his girlfriend. They are then chased back to Grove Street by the gang members.
CJ Green blasting on green ain't no way to run the Families!
Sweet Don't worry, girl, I don't drive as bad as CJ!
CJ Shit is crazy, bro! We gotta bring the Families back together!
Sweet She got a sister, CJ, you want her number?
CJ, Sweet and his girlfriend stop near Sweet's house.
Sweet I'll see you inside, baby. Man, this set tripping is killing the Families. You did good back there.
CJ Hey, I'm a Johnson boy!
Sweet Hey, I got unfinished business. Big love.