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Carl Johnson searches Sweet's House for Sweet Johnson when Sweet calls him asking him to come to his girlfriend's house to save him and her from an attack by the Seville Families.
CJ Yo, Sweet! Smoke! Shit, where all the homies at? Fuck 'dey at? Damn. Fuck it then.
Sweet (Phone rings) Carl no time to chit chat, the Seville family is here and we're stuck in the street and they don't like it. We need a ride out of here, pronto!
CJ Oh, for sure man! Hang in there!
Sweet Drive by Emmet's and get heated.
CJ drives to the Seville hood to save Sweet. He clears out all of the gang members and picks up Sweet and his girlfriend. They are then chased back to Grove Street by the gang members.
Sweet I'll see you inside, baby. Man, this trip is really killing the Families. You did good back there.
CJ Ey, I'm a Johnson boy.
Sweet Yeah, I got unfinished business. Big love.

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