Sweet's Girl

CJ and Sweet with Sweet's Girlfriend as she appears in "Sweet's Girl".

Sweet's Girlfriend is a minor character who has had two minor appearances and two character models in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. As the name suggests, she is Sean "Sweet" Johnson's girlfriend. 

Sweet's Girl

Sweet's Girlfriend had a minor role in the actual mission, yet the name itself is misleading due to her not having any speaking lines, nor helping the characters or player during gameplay.

She resides at the Seville Boulevard Flats in Playa del Seville, Los Santos.


  • Her pedestrian model is the same as that of a rich woman seen in the rich areas of each three islands, which is also used by the woman CJ talks to during Architectural Espionage.
  • In the mission Sweet's Girl, Sweet mentions she has a sister, and asks Carl if he wants her number, to which Carl doesn't respond.