Camera pans across Vinewood Cemetery.
Big Smoke I've missed you these past 5 years man, they're gonna be real happy to see you. Hey, what's up y'all. Look who I found hanging around.
Kendl Carl, hey. Good to see you.
CJ I can't believe she gone man.
Sweet That's another funeral you ran away from, fool, just like Brian's.
CJ Ey, she was my Momma too.
Sweet Not for the past 5 years she wasn't, nigga!
Kendl Oh, come on!
Kendl starts walking away.
Sweet And where the fuck you think you going?
Kendl Get out my face, I'm going to see Cesar.
Sweet The hell you are girl! You ain't messin' with them es'ays, you know we got a beef, they ain't nothin' but low lives.
Kendl He's a man, what the fuck are you?
Sweet At least I got principles.
Kendl Oh, and that's something that makes you an upstanding American, Carl tell him!
Sweet Man, you don't tell me shit, sis.
CJ As long as he treat her right and don't disrespect you.
Sweet The hell you gonna say that, like it's any business of yours.
Kendl Fuck you Sweet.
CJ Aw, shit. Here we go again.
Sweet Oh, shit's real fucked up! Everything!
CJ What 'chu mean?
Sweet What, apart from your mamma being dead? Things are going real bad, hey let me show you something man. Tony's buried over there, Little Devil over there, and Big Devil over there, man it's just crazy. Everybody just blast on fools first, then ask questions second.
CJ, Sweet, Big Smoke and Ryder walk towards Big Smoke's Perennial. Suddenly, some Ballas speed around the corner in a Voodoo and perform a Drive-By Shooting. Ryder and CJ dive out of harm's way while Sweet and Big Smoke return fire at the Ballas.
Ryder Ballas. Drive-by. Incoming!
Big Smoke's Perennial is blown up by the Ballas before they drive away.
Big Smoke Awww, motherfucker, my car!!
CJ, Sweet, Smoke and Ryder jump onto some bikes parked across the street from the cemetery.
Sweet We gotta get back to the hood, things are crazy around here. Grab a bike and pedal. Even you haven't forgotten that. Follow my lead.
CJ, Sweet, Big Smoke and Ryder ride their bikes back to Grove Street whilst being chased by the Ballas in the Voodoo.
Sweet Takes you back some, huh, CJ? Yeah!
CJ Things has changed around here!
Sweet CJ, watch your back 'round here, man.
CJ How'd it get so bad? I thought this was Families Turf?
Sweet Yeah, it's Temple Drive Families - we don't roll with them no more.
CJ, Sweet, Big Smoke and Ryder get to the parking lot under the Mulholland Intersection.
Sweet Shit! A Ballas car is onto us! Split up!
Sweet separates from the group with the Ballas car chasing after him.
Ryder Keep up, motherfucker!
CJ, Ryder and Big Smoke continue their way to Grove Street.
Ryder You're just a liability, CJ! Why'd you bother coming back?
Big Smoke Straight back into the game, right dog? Was it this bad before you left? East Coast got you all thinned out, homie.
CJ, Ryder and Big Smoke return to Groove Street, where Sweet joins them.
Ryder I got them motherfuckers though - showed them niggaz whose gangsta. Ryder, nigga!
Sweet So when you leaving, Carl?
CJ I ain't sure. Thought I might stay. Things is fucked up.
Sweet Well, the last thing we need is your help.
CJ Aw man, I won't let you down, I swear.
Sweet Hey, we gonna call up some hood rats and chill the hell out. You want some?
CJ Nah, I got a whole lot going on, I'm tired, I'll catch you later.
Big Smoke Hey, just drop in, we all hanging out.
Ryder Yeah, and get yourself some colors, fool. And a haircut - it's embarrassing to be seen with you.
Sweet, Big Smoke and Ryder ride away and CJ enters the Johnson House.