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The T-34 is an old tank found in the Rogers Salvage & Scrap Yard in Grand Theft Auto V.


The T-34 is unable to be driven and just appears as a real life Easter Egg. Its name comes from its real life counterpart, the Soviet T-34 tank.


it is designed exactly like it was in real life, except instead of it being a T-34-76 as the title of this article suggests, it is actually a T-34-85. this is only due to the gun's caliber, but the larger turret also makes the two variants distinct. 

it features well sloped armor at all angles and a larger than normal turret to make room for the 85mm cannon. 



  • Not much is known about the tank or its presence in the game. It has a possibility that it was a prop in some type of war movie. However, the T-34 has a mounted Degtyaryov DT machine gun, which is usually never seen on museum tanks or tank props in media.
  • This tank is actually a T-34-85, not just a generic a T-34 as the title suggests. 
  • The tank appears to be abandoned, but otherwise fully functional, there is not evidence of shell pentration, suspension difficulties, or fire damage on the vehicle. 
  • The tank's presence could be the result of a collector discarding it, or maybe even a collector having sent it there for it to be restored. this is supported by the fact there is sometimes a worker fixing a vehicle in the yard.

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