For the mission, see T-Bone Mendez (mission)
"You think you can mess with me? I will blow your head off, and rape and kill your family, you snake. You think you can fucking bullshit me, and fuck me over? I know your fucking game, ese."
―"T-Bone" Méndez while holding CJ at gunpoint in Outrider.

"T-Bone" Méndez is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a main character and a minor antagonist in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Mendez was voiced by Kid Frost, whose song La Raza can be heard on Radio Los Santos.



T-Bone's background is mostly unknown. At some point in the past he joined the San Fierro Rifa, and eventually became the leader. Under his leadership, the Rifa confronted the Varrios Los Aztecas, Mendez himself killing two of Cesar Vialpando's friends.

Events of GTA San Andreas

Joining the Loco Syndicate, Deals with Ryder

"This guy is T-Bone Mendez. He's the muscle."

By 1992, Mendez had become one of the three members in the Loco Syndicate, along with Mike Toreno and Jizzy B.. Mendez become the enforcer and protection of the syndicate, with Toreno overseeing and Jizzy arranging deals. T-Bone is a muscular man and very distrustful of others, nearly to the point of paranoia. He is seen beating a man to death during The Introduction machinima.

T-Bone makes his first appearance in Photo Opportunity, when Carl and Cesar watch a meeting of the Loco Syndicate from a building across the road.

Working with Carl Johnson

"Orale, ese."
―T-Bone to Carl

He and Carl Johnson are introduced in the the mission T-Bone Mendez, and in the mission Mike Toreno, CJ drives while T-Bone uses his cellphone to locate Toreno. Mendez shortly afterwards becomes distrustful of CJ, and ambushes him from the back seat of a car in Outrider, holding a gun to his face and accusing him of being a "snitch", and unsuccessfully trying to scare him into admitting it.


"Mendez! I see you, Rifa motherfucker!"
Cesar Vialpando, before killing T-Bone

Mendez's next and final appearance is in Pier 69. Carl has by now turned on the Loco Syndicate and has already killed Jizzy B and is attempting to destroy the syndicate for good to stop the spread of crack into Los Santos by disrupting the syndicate's partnership and deal with Big Smokes Crack Empire and the Los Santos street gangs. With the help of Cesar, CJ guns down many Rifa and Ballas. The two both shoot Mendez at the same time, who falls off the pier and into the ocean below. After the cutscene, he is never seen (dead or alive) again in the game, though there is a pedestrian resembling him wandering San Andreas.

Mission Appearances

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