Sweet Johnson and Big Smoke are playing Basketball in the courtyard beside Sweet's House
Sweet Come on fat boy, come on fat boy!
Big Smoke Watch out fool! (Laughter)
Carl Johnson enters the courtyard.
Sweet Looks who's here. What you think, you're back on the set?
CJ I told you that bro.
Sweet Your word don't mean shit around here.
CJ Come on man, give me a break.
Sweet We gotta go hit up the hood.
Big Smoke Hey CJ.
Sweet Good to know you're back in the set. The Johnson brothers are rolling again! Take this paint, we gonna hit shit up. Start with our own set first.
Big Smoke Later on, we gonna spread out and get the rest of the hood back.
Sweet We already spreading out fat man. Let's play. Let's see what you got pork chop.
CJ and Sweet leave the courtyard and head to Sweet's Greenwood.
Sweet Hey, wait up!
CJ Ah, thought you'd hang with your brother ah?
Sweet Ease up, little man. Come on, it's been difficult. You wanna drive?
CJ Yeah, for sure.
CJ and Sweet drive to Idlewood. Sweet gets out of the car and approaches a Ballas tag.
Sweet Watch for those rollers as I tag this up. There's another two Ballas tags in the hood. You go get 'em and I'll keep the engine running.
CJ proceeds to run around Idlewood searching for the last 2 Ballas tags.
Sweet Come on, let's move into Ballas territory.
CJ and Sweet move into East Los Santos to spray some more tags.
Sweet You hit this up here, and I'll go up and do another hood.
CJ starts spraying the tags. As he moves around the corner, next to Cluckin' Bell are two Ballas talking to each other. CJ kills them, sprays the tags, and moves on.
Ballas Member What the fuck?!
CJ What?!
Ballas Member Get that fool!
CJ sprays the last tag and is picked up by Sweet who pulls up around the corner.
Sweet Carl, quick, get in! Get us back to the hood, CJ.
CJ and Sweet return to Grove Street.
Sweet Like riding a bike, ain't it boy?
CJ Yeah, it all comes back.
Sweet How you doing on the fetty?
CJ I'm kind of short, you know. C.R.A.S.H. took all my paper, man, left me with nothin' but small change.
Sweet Here, get yourself a beer or something. I'll catch up with you.