Why a new page?

Why just don't put the info of this page on the Bahama Mamas page, just add a new section... istalo (Talk to me) 16:23 (UTC) May 2, 2013

I did that and it looked messy. We should have separate articles.Dodo8 Talk

RE: Bahama Mamas West photo and the link..

About all of this Trevor/Franklin on the bike, you can tell it's Franklin.. Yes the clothes are the same but if you zoom in to the face, it has the same shape as Franklin. Anyway about the Franklin link, apologies about that, I think I accidently double-taped it..  Thanks ~

Gosh, all the time I tought it was Trevor because of the t-shirt. Sorry for being mad at you... :( Dodo8 Talk
No problem, ~Instu

Soulwax FM playing at Bahama Mamas West

This station Soulwax FM could likely be playing inside the club as the club sound system stereo are set to this station., but it does not play GTA V, this club only appears to be unenterable nor the club play this station. XPanettaa (talk) 16:51, August 15, 2014 (UTC)XPanettaa


If we're merging individual buildings into their franchise pages, this should be no exception. Leo68 (talk) 08:54, February 2, 2015 (UTC)