When the pilot flies over Sandy Shoes airfield, he doesn't land there because he's not correctly lined up with any of the runways, and says something to this effect (it's a bit of a stretch in terms of the distances involved, but the pilot also mentioned total loss of hydraulics earlier in the flight) and thus opts to 'ditch' in a field. Shouldn't the trivia about the pilot ignoring the airfield be removed?

I disagree, and I've reinstated the point. It makes no sense for the pilot to go right by Sandy Shores and keep heading north — there are no suitable airfields anywhere to the north (Trevor's strip is the only one, and it's way too small, oriented completely incorrectly, and unpaved) and given that the plane is quite obviously going down it makes no sense for the pilot to keep heading that way. At the very least, it would make sense to try and ditch at Sandy Shores, if only because of the open space provided by the runways, something that is by no means guaranteed further north where the pilot is likely to crash into buildings or roads and potentially kill people. Also, saying the pilot isn't correctly lined up with any of the runways isn't really true — he flies almost directly over the third, diagonal runway. The situation seems strange enough that I think it warrants a mention.--UserSigLeighBurne (talk) 10:35, December 14, 2015 (UTC)