The Cartel Cuiser is NOT a Chevrolet Avalanche because that was made in 2002 one year after GTA III was released and 3 Years after the events of GTA LCS so this is unlikely to be the basis for this truck. It says in the article that the car may be based on a 90's generic ford truck so I am trying to find out which one so I have made a list of ford trucks and I will try to find the right one. Ford Ranger 1998-2001 No because theres no 4door option available.

Ford F-Series 1997-2004 Shape is similar and a 4 door version called the F250 so it's a possibility.

Ford Super Duty 1999-present No because it's too large and out of Canon with Gta events.

The headlights appear to be based on a Facelifted Range Rover P38here But the overall shape is based on a Ford F250 Crew Cab 1997-2004 Here It's missing bull bars but it does look similar. any comments?Andrew nicholson 17:09, July 22, 2010 (UTC)

Is it really a V6? it handles and sounds like a large V8!

The Cartel Cruiser is a "mixed" resemblance of three different cars: 1990s Ford F-Series, Toyota Hilux, and Chevrolet LUV.


I deleted this line:

"The Cartel Cruiser (alternatively as the Cartel's Cruiser or theCartel Bobcat) is the modified, 4-door version of the Bobcat."

The Cartel Cruiser is not related to the bobcat in any way. The CC has a double cab, the bobcat only seats 2. The CC's bonnet (hood) is flat, the bobcat's has curves. They have different headlights. They only share the same wheels, but so do many cars in GTAIII.

Also, where is it referred to as the 'Cartel Bobcat'? That's something I've never seen before.