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Perhaps this recent discovery should be added to the Trivia section of both this page and the PENRIS building page. During the day, when stood on the PENRIS building (which just so happens to be an anagram of the word "SNIPER"), the inverted text "ID CARD" appears on the left side of the 4th floor of Galileo House and can only be seen through the scope of a sniper rifle.

Wattoburger (talk) 19:48, September 4, 2014 (UTC)

Ok, I've just checked this, and for some reason, what you can actually see is a part of the Vinewood Gardens Hotel sign on the building's 4th floor. The inverted text is "OD GARD" and not "ID CARD", but the "O" is almost cut and looks like an "I". However you don't need to be specifically on top of the Penris Building to see it, I've done this in other places and you see the same text. It's probably just a bug? DocVinewood (talk) 17:28, October 3, 2014 (UTC)

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