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Verdeant meadows

I think this is some sort of abandoned airstrip.

Verdeant meadows2

This might be a different place? maybe a second airstrip.

Here are a few screen shots I edited, they all show airstrips, some have broken airplanes, one even has an
Verdeant meadows3

Same airstrip with the same roads, as image 2.

Verdeant Meadows5

Same as the above, but this time from a slightly different angle, and you can see it a little better.

Verdeant Meadows6

This time it is actually shown on the minimap, notice the same roads?

Verdeant Meadows4

Same as the above but from a birds eye view.

abandoned hangar? It might seem as there are 2 different airstrips, but they are all the same airstrip just from different angles.

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