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Can anyone confirm this?

According to the guy named "bamjef100" at this forum thread, I quote him as saying (with horrible typos from his post corrected...):

I found a [kind of an] easter egg.. [They're] not allowed [to put] kids in the [Grand Theft Auto] games [because] of [some] law thing ([someone] tell me [what] that is) but if [you] go to some of the gardens of the houses [where] [Big Smoke] lives you can hear kids [talking]. [That's] [their] way of [putting] kids in the game.

I am posting in this discussion, because Big Smoke's house is located in this district, Idlewood. Or it could be in East Los Santos, where Big Smoke's, um, "coke fortress" is, but I somewhat doubts it. As I mentioned previously, I'm deaf and even with hearing aid device, I am not able to confirm the existence of this sound or something, so I am asking if anyone can confirm... this might be something worthy to add to this article as a sort of trivia or something.

This somewhat reminds me of having read about sounds being heard from apartment complex in Hepburn Heights, Liberty City and from Momma's Restaurant in Saint Mark's, Liberty City during Grand Theft Auto 3... speaking of which I ought to add to respective district's articles as some kind of trivia. You can find out about them here. Both of those information are entitled under "Sounds from Misty's apartment" and "Sounds from Momma's Restaurant" there respectively. I can quote them here if you need it. Thanks. --Legion 04:13, 14 April 2007 (UTC)

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