I would like to request that Kenji is listed as dead on the page. I think it doesn't make much sense that he is clearly killed in Waka-gashira Wipeout, but he is listed as alive. If we are going to edit by easter eggs, then I think by all means we should say that all the GTA III era protagonists are dead, because there was an easter egg with that too, right?

I have reverted the edits of the person who changed it so its back to how it was now. Tom Talk 12:05, April 20, 2011 (UTC)

I'm not so sure that Kenji was killed but injured and put in a coma but is still marked dead, i'm pretty sure Love got his in Love's Disapprearance in the mission Marked Man why did you have to drive Ray to the airport. I do hope they mmake a new GTA game and bring Kenji back with hair and without a mustache and goatee i think he would look better that wat, with acutal short hair what do you think?

                                                               Rodney Swift.