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Is the myth really relevant? There's nothing in the game that suggests a ghost. His videos clearly uses mods and that should be the first sign of doubt about his videos. Why not use a clean slate since you can't tell if mods can have odd side effects?

Actually, I saw something. I was in a Hydra in a sandstorm and I saw something going up the mountain overlooking the town that was too fast to be a vehicle or person. It was on a PS2, does that convince you?-User:Bellic 4 life

Exactly. Thats why i edited that in. It was almost 00:00 and i was in Las Brujas and out of absolute nowhere this person runs twords me and disappears. I dunno how to explain it but it happened. And that DarthDementous points out HE DOES NOT USE MODS, read the video description. He shoots his vids on an XBox 360 so it would be really hard to mod it.Brettdude13 20:20, 23 March 2009 (UTC)

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