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Shouldn't this be merged with Legendary Motorsport?

Exmpletree (talk) 13:32, November 23, 2013 (UTC)

Makes sense to me.

Glitch003 (talk) 17:27, November 23, 2013 (UTC)


I've set up the table after whatever just happened, but can somebody fill it. Prices are below.

Exclusive Stock

Vehicle Price
Coil Brawler $715,000
Vapid Chino $225,000
Invetero Coquette BlackFin $695,000
Progen T20 $2,200,000
Dinka Vindicator $630,000
Pegassi Osiris $1,950,000
Benefactor Stirling GT $975,000
Albany Virgo $195,000
Enus Windsor $845,000


Vehicle Price
Lampadati Casco $680,000
Principe Lectro $750,000
Lampadati Furore GT $448,000
Invetero Coquette Classic (topless price the same) $665,000
Dinka Thrust $75,000
Dewbauchee Massacro $275,000
Pegassi Zentorno $725,000
Enus Huntley S $195,000
Dinka Jester $240,000
Grotti Turismo R $500,000
Albany Alpha $150,000
Hijak Khamelion FREE/$100,000 (NG)
Vapid Hotknife FREE/$90,000 (NG)
Nagasaki Carbon RS FREE/$40,000
Annis Elegy RH8 FREE (Social Club)
Truffade Z-Type $10mil (V), $950,000 (O)
Grotti Stinger (includes topless) $850,000
Grotti Stinger GT $875,000
Dewbauchee JB700 $350,000
Grotti Cheetah $650,000
Overflod Entity XF $795,000
Truffade Adder $1,000,000
Pegassi Monroe $490,000
Enus Cognoscenti Cabrio $185,000
Pegassi Vacca $240,000
Vapid Bullet $155,000
Grotti Carbonizzare $195,000
Invetero Coquette (includes topless) $138,000
Dewbauchee Exemplar $205,000
Benefactor Feltzer $145,000
Pegassi Infernus $440,000
Obey 9F $120,000
Obey 9F Cabrio $130,000
Dewbauchee Rapid GT $132,000
Dewbauchee Rapid GT Topless $140,000
Enus Super Diamond $250,000
Coil Voltic (includes topless) $150,000
Pfister Comet $100,000
Benefactor Surano $110,000
Bravado Banshee (includes topless) $105,000

Thanks to anybody helping out on the new page. Leo68 (talk) 20:14, September 7, 2015 (UTC)

No problem :) But I've just stumbled accross a version of the "article" before it was deleted.
I cached it, and have found the old layout, but unfortunately, I can't access the source to copy and paste it. See what you can do :) That Ferrari Guy (talk) 13:10, September 8, 2015 (UTC)
Finished. That Ferrari Guy (talk) 14:45, September 8, 2015 (UTC)

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