Upon discovery, this page was in dire need of getting reformatted and updated. It also appeared to be completely plagiarized from another wiki source - though who knows who plagiarized who. Lastly, it attempted to describe two similar side-missions, while there already was a page dedicated to one of the two missions (Big Smoke's Cash). Now, whether or not that should stay the same, I did my best to update that article, and then made alterations and improvements to this page based off the former. Concerning this page:

  • I removed all references to 'Big Smoke's Cash' to make this article entirely about the 'Yay Courier', and tried to integrate them into the other article.
    • I removed any reference to somehow obtaining the Patriot, as the reference link was broken, and no information was given on how it's possible - afaik, it's not.
  • I removed the script - practically pointless, imho.
  • I removed the video walkthrough, as it no longer applied, and is frankly quite terrible.
  • I added better pictures (to both articles). I have more, but given the size and importance of the article, it seems like one is enough.

If anyone has any problems with these changes, please let me know, but it seems to make a lot more sense - at least to me. Only potential improvement would be renaming the pages to something potentially more appropriate, or re-combining them into an article with a higher / more-professional standard. Dsurian 00:52, October 15, 2015 (UTC)