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Name change?

Change Name?

Name should be changed to y Wei Cheng Triads or Cheng Triads. Its up to you guys, but I think its best for the name to get changed. Just my opinion.~Strangle hold

A little note

A BIG note...

Little Seoul is shared by the Korean Mob and Triads.

But I want to note that these older gents with the suits and black and white stript shirts are NOT Chinese Triads but a part of the Korean Mob.

How???  The older gents actually speak Korean and mention gangnam. This was confirmed by posters mafioso86, vietboi2 and Muramasa1794 on my thread on the GTAforums.

Those posters actually speak a little Korean and are Asian themselves.

And some of the pics in the gallery are actually from my thread. Just be careful, because it can be confusing. You can tell which is which by language. 

The dudes who are younger and with long hair are Triads. Based on language, accent and look.

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