These guys were never actually confirmed by hte game informer article. Kind of sketchy. Maybe delete for now? HardCheeseSensei27 (talk) 21:27, May 4, 2013 (UTC)

This page should be DELETED! The GI article DID NOT confirm the Vagos in anyway. They ONLY CONFIRMED  the Ballas. Again this page should be deleted...Its giving out false information.~Strangle hold

Gangland Proof

Maybe some proof will calm you down, Strong hold?Dodo8 Talk

^^^I think you have really bad reading comprehension...No offense. But the article ONLY CONFIRMS THE BALLAS! It does not state the Vagos have returned, it only states GTA SA fans loved the gang wars in SA which included the Vagos. Read the article clearly. Again this page should be deleted. Its giving false information! Even people on GTAForums are complaining. Again page should be deleted. The article does NOT CONFIRM VAGOS! You guys misunderstood the article. ~Strangle hold

By your theory, it would mean the GSF isn't confirmed either. I agree it doesn't directly confirms it; but at one point says "The Ballas are still going strong", which would mean the Vagos would still exist, but they aren't as strong as in SA. Their return is still likely. Can you stop, please? Oh, and about GSF: you said the they should only be named families, I actually played San Andreas today and Ryder said exactly "Grove Street Families".Dodo8 Talk
^^^What??? That does not make sense?
1. With the Families there is actually people wearing green flags, so one can strongly speculate the Families returning, since it has been confirmed the Ballas are back and we actually see Families fighting Ballas in the screen shots and trailers. The same CAN NOT BE SAID FOR THE VAGOS. So your supposed theory that I have is incorrect and void.
2. Read what the GI article STATES! "San Andreas fans look back fondly at gang wars between the Ballas, Grove Street Families, and Vagos." What they are SAYING is that the fans enjoyed the gang wars which included the Ballas, GSF and Vagos. Again they DO NOT CONFRIM THAT VAGOS. Just because they say the Ballas are going strong does not=the Vagos returning. We need real PROOF and confirmation that the Vagos have returned. Many people areound the net are reading this page and actually think the Vagos have returned. No I will not stop. It is the job of a wikia to see if information is correct and not out of context. With the Families there is significant amount of evidence that they will be returning, with the Vagos that is not the case. And you people on this wikia are lying and reading the GI article out of context. They DID NOT CONFIRM THE VAGOS, so why did you guys put that. I am not trying to bash you guys but HELP YOU GUYS.
3.If YOU actually played GTA SA, you would know that Grove street was just ONE SET, their were the Temple Drive Familes and Sevillie Family(who attacked you in a mission), all three fell under the name THE FAMILIES. Grove Street is NOT the name of the gang, but a SET. Do you get what I am saying. Bloods and Crips are multiple gangs with sets and their own personalities.
Until there is SIGNIFICANT amount of evidence that the Vagos are returning, then this page should be deleted. All you guys are doing is giving out false information and mis-reading the GI ariticle.
~Strangle hold
The article is not saying they won't return. I see your point. I still think they will come back. But since, as you say, we don't have any proof, this page should either deleted or marked as speculation.Dodo8 Talk
^^^I never said the GI ariticle said they wont be returning, but the article did not state they were confirmed. Look I'm not trying to be rude or anything, but some of you mis-read the article. It would be best to mark it as speculation . I am just here from the GTAforums to tell you guys that the Vagos have not been confirmed. The argument on about this topic on the forum was on this page.
^^^Some people used this very same page as evidence saying teh Vagos have returned....
Sorry for coming off as 'agressive', but in actuality, I'm was just trying to help you guys, so there wont be confusion.
~Strangle hold
Ok, ok, we will delete it. But I'm still amazed at how those guys curse us for not being accurate. If they are so smart, why won't they edit the damn page? Thanks for the heads-up.Dodo8 Talk

^^^No...This wikia has many accruate pages. I like this wikia, but its just that this needed to be corrected. But yeah people on that forum can be jerks. And you welcome. ~Strangle hold
Thanks again. See you around!Dodo8 Talk