you can keep Martin Madrazo's SUV if you don't die/don't reset between Caida Libra and Minor Turbelence, and when you switch to Michael you get one of the scenes that do not force him to switch to his personal car... such as the one where he's driving at night in Paleto or drunk at the Yellowjack... if you do all that, then Michael still has the Madrazo SUV including the unique Madrazo license plate

it always takes me 10-15x tries at maybe 30 minutes per try to get though :(

someone should maybe add something about that to trivia.... if ppl agree that's a good spot for it

S1n0d3utscht3k (talk) 18:54, October 3, 2014 (UTC)S1N0D3UTSCHT3K

Anybody else thinks...

That Madrazo looks A LOT like Michael? Only that madrazo has darker skin. ElCadejo (talk) 19:41, July 1, 2015 (UTC)

No. smurfy (coms) 21:40, July 1, 2015 (UTC)