The plot

In case anyone was wondering, i deleted the part of the trivia section stating the plot is nonsensical due to Jimmy P having to decide between a capo (Ray) and an associate(phil). Since it's not trivia in the sense of the word, and also (my own thinking) Phil Bell was practically a capo except in title due to the Commission's views on non-Italians, and a good friend of the Pegorinos for years, privy to many secrets. Meanwhile, Ray is a slick would-be power player, and not unreasonable that had he not been killed might have ratted out his allies and take the boss's chair for himself. And then there's Jimmy being a paranoid wreck, irrationally deciding that there's more rats in the organization. That's what I've got, at least. --UnitedPhysics (talk) 06:33, October 4, 2013 (UTC)