The precise date of when the game begins

This is a heavily blown/strung out theory on something so small and insignificant, but this is a wall of text I have come up with after constant wondering of the exact date the events begin in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Ok, we know the game begins on a Wednesday according to the stats. This narrows it down to 53 possible dates. It can't be January 1st 1992, as CJ is in the airport in 1992, meaning it has to be atleast January 8th when the game begins. This puts it down to 52 dates. The beginning of the game also can't be on the final weeks of 1992, as it takes an absolute minimum of 28 ingame days to get to the final mission, speedrunning it, skipping cutscenes and not saving. This means the very latest the game can start is 2nd December 1992, cutting it to 48 possible dates. The first snowfall in New York City (Liberty City's real life counterpart) was recorded in December of that year, reinforcing this theory. The song "Deep Cover" by Snoop Dogg was released on April 9th 1992, reducing it to 34 possible dates. This is if we ignore the anachronistic songs that were released in 1993. The Los Angeles Riots happened around April 29th 1992 in real life, but this may not be true in the GTA universe. My final statement is that the sun rises at around 5:30 AM and sets at around 8:00 PM, and heat haze is often apparent, indicating summer time. In real life, the dates in LA that would correspond to these times are between May 5th 1992 and July 24th 1992, containing 12 wednesdays. Common sense would dictate it wouldn't be at the end of this, thus eliminating 4 more weeks. The latest the game could possibly start is June 24th 1992, with the earliest date being May 6th 1992. This is though, if we give the average player about 100 more days before the Liberty City mission. AlexGRFan97 (talk) 11:21, January 6, 2013 (UTC)