I'm a bit suspicious about the accuracy of the breakdown of the report. For example, this article claims that the time taken to complete the story is related to the report but having gathered 8 reports from others and one of my own, I fail to see any supporting evidence for this. The same applies for "wasted/busted amount".

From the evidence I have gathered, it seems to me that this is how each line of the psych. eval. works

  • Line 1 - Appears to be some form of general summary
  • Line 2 - Relates to decision making and appears to be solely based on if you kill Michael, Trevor or neither
  • Line 3 - Refers to your characters ego and is probably based on whether you accept/reject Dr Friedlanders advice
  • Line 4 - Money Expenditure
  • Line 5 - Money spent at strip club
  • Line 6 - Money spent on prostitutes and possibly sex with strippers
  • Line 7 - Relates to attention spent on family, possibly just assisting them but I believe it includes and may even be solely based on time spent hanging out with them
  • Line 8 - Refers to investment, greed, and gambling so very likely stock market investments (including whether you make a profit or loss) but maybe properties purchased too
  • Line 9 - Possibly just civilian kills. Could include cops, NOOSE, etc. probably including those killed in missions
  • Line 10 - Relates to theft, often mentioning "property of other"and vehicle theft. Could just be vehicle theft but may include store robbery too.
  • Line 11 - Yoga
  • Line 12 - Exercise, possibly only includes activities such as tennis, triathalon etc. but may include distance traveled on foot, swam, bicycle etc.
  • Line 13 - Strangers & Freaks and possibly random encounters
  • Line 14 - Collectibles
  • Line 15 - Final summary

If you have any questions regarding my breakdown of the psychiatric evaluation, I will be more than happy to try to answer any questions to the best of my ability. I can also provide source material from the psychiatric reports I have gathered on request. Wattoburger (talk) 22:18, August 29, 2014 (UTC)