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Sultan RS might be based on this: A 2-door IS300 / Altezza, rear diffuser, side exhausts, guttered interior, etc. --ChanJaoming 19:22, November 24, 2009 (UTC)

I wouldn't say it is based on it, maybe inspired/trying to emulate one since nothing I see is directly is taken from it (the rear kinda though, bad picture).--Thescarydude 23:10, November 24, 2009 (UTC)

Guess you're right considering most GTAIV cars are hybrids of 2 or more cars. The widebody is too bulky compared to the in-game version, but I like how the Sultan RS has a typical TRD race package flares. I figured this is one of the cars modeled after since that's the only IS300 I know that is 2 door.--ChanJaoming 08:55, November 25, 2009 (UTC)

The car is also just looks a four door with the rear doors sealed and heightened wheel wells; the Sultan RS is actually shortened and given a coupe shape.--Thescarydude 14:17, November 25, 2009 (UTC)

it can be sold to Stevie, i just did it twice--ScotlandTheBest 17:59, 12 April 2009 (UTC)

It mentions the hood always being black, although i'm sure you can get metal hoods with the standard paint colour? It may just be my mind playing tricks on me, so i won't edit it just yet. Ess-Tee 10:37, 16 May 2009 (UTC)

Can't say I've ever seen an RS without the black hood, so I'll leave that as-is. The end of the 'Description' section contradicts the 'Variants' section; I'm not sure which one's 'correct', so I won't touch that, but... yeah. Samadriel 12:36, 16 May 2009 (UTC)
I think we're on the same page here man, none of us know the truth for sure. I'll be playing GTA4 today, so i'll be sure to see if i can find one with the normal hood, but now that i think of it, i don't think there is a non-carbon fibre hood variant. Ess-Tee 04:58, 17 May 2009 (UTC)

Ok, so this page and other pages/people claim that the sultan RS is extremly rare, but i currently have 3 in my safehouse parking spots :S Bennary

Please indent your text correctly. The Sultan RS could be considered rare in a few ways, and non-rare in a few. It's found only in one place in the game, true. But it's found there 100% of the time. Also consider what you said, if I had 5 Prestige Editions of CoD:MW2, would that make it non-rare? No, it's just because I went to the time and effort to gather them, as you did with your Sultan RS's. Ess-Tee 11:29, September 3, 2009 (UTC)

Tokyo Drift's Mitsubishi Evolution VIII comparison

Refer to this image: [1]. There is very little semblance to this car and the Sultan RS, aside the color. So yeah. - ZS 19:07, January 19, 2010 (UTC)

ZS it looks a bit like one without the American Racing decals on it.Andrew nicholson 18:25, January 26, 2010 (UTC) oh and don't send messages to my talkpage lets keep this inevitable heated car debate on this page only.

Speed incorrect?

It may just be me, but the speed seems off by a lot, the speed is listed as 100mph but i believe that has to be wrong, the sentinel can reach 192mph and it would get its arse kicked to pieces by the RS. --Alexms96 09:36, July 30, 2010 (UTC)

Actually it is correct, and I need to edit te Sentinel page, which is incorrect. See Talk:Infernus or my talk page for more explanations.--Loadingue 10:10, July 30, 2010 (UTC)

Sultan RS spawn

Hello I noticed today playing GTA IV TBoGT taht you can find a Sultan RS in Traffic while Driving a VooDoo i have tried it a couple times just to verify and it works it takes a while and is rare but you will run into one eventually i ws driving around Louis's apartment


Depending on how recently you drove your Sultan RS, the vehicle will have a chance to spawn in traffic. Any vehicles will appear in traffic if either you are driving that particular vehicle or have driven it within a certain time frame (having never tested the time limit, I'm not sure exactly what that time frame might but it seems to be somewhere between 15 and 30 minutes of gameplay). So yeah, it can appear in traffic but that won't happen without first going to the mansion to pick up the original (or by using the cheatcode and driving a Sultan RS you spawn that way). rjcripe --- Bullshit. God has horns! (talk) 11:02, August 19, 2012 (UTC)


Aaaahhhh... I'm not quite sure that this car is based on a Subaru as much as the article says. I'm a massive Subaru fanatic and some people say I'm obssessed with it, and I'm pretty sure it physically resembles the Toyota Altezza (Lexus IS300 where I live). This might need a re-write as it pretty much only talks about it being a Soobie... Russelnorthrop 11:21, December 20, 2011 (UTC)

I totally agree but to me it looks more like a Lexus IS F. It just doesnt look klike a subaru, plus its made by Karin, a parody of Toyota/Lexus. I would say feel free to make the changes.SgtByrd 11:36, December 21, 2011 (UTC)

OK I've changed most of the references to the Soobie to the Lexus IS300. I wouldn't say it's based on an IS F though because that was second generation and this definately looks more like a first gen IS300. Unless they did a first generation IS F? I'm not 100% sure on that but I'm sure it's a first gen. Russelnorthrop 21:36, December 28, 2011 (UTC)


Whoever said that the Sultan RS has a 3.5L Inline 4 cylinder is retarded! Its obviously not an inline engine if you look at it.. its in V formation. Also if you know any cars, you should know that a 3.5L is a common size for v6 engines and not inline 4 cylinders. Think before you speak! —Preceding unsigned comment added by Keads09 (talkcontribs) Please remember to sign your talk page messages with ~~~~.

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